Premium Leather Dog Collar with 2 Rows of Crystals

$ 47.97

This is not the usual dog collar that you'll find at any pet store around town. Instead, this is a premium dog collar with all of the details that are important.

First, the collar is made from premium leather and has a buckle. The plastic-click dog collars are standard these days and certainly easy to put on and take off. But buckles offer maximum durability and security.

The colors are quite vibrant and embellished with clear rhinestones. Whether your dog is a girl or boy, there's a color to suit their mood. The rhinestones are on a portion of the collar as shown in 2 rows with one rhinestone in between the rows at either end of the embellishment area.


The collar is 3/4" inches wide and comes in three sizes as follows:
Size 16: Suitable for dogs with necks between 10" and 13"
Size 18: Suitable for dogs with necks between 11" and 14"
Size 20: Suitable for dogs with necks between 13" and 17"
Please do not guess. It is imperative that you measure your dog's neck in order to know which size to order.

This item ships free via ground service to the 48 contiguous US states. Please inquire about shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or International shipping.

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