My Dog Keepsake Journal

This is the official book of happy memories that you and your dog will write together!

Keep track of all of the cute, fun and amazing things that your dog does during any 52-week period.

Unlike other books that are meant to record a dog’s puppyhood, this book is meant to capture a full 52 weeks of any time in your dog’s life.

You’ll date the journal yourself, so you can start any time you like. Why not start right now - TODAY!

You’ll never run out of things to write about because there are 156 writing prompts spread throughout the left-hand pages of the book. Of course, you don’t have to use the prompts. Write whatever is meaningful to you about your dog for that week. Just know that the questions are there to help you in case you get stuck.

The book measures 5" x 8" and includes one page per week to fill in. This way, there's just enough room to write but not too much blank space to be overwhelming.

Get this book now and very soon you and your dog will have authored your favorite book!

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