The Dog - Password Organizer Log Book

THIS IS NOT A NOVEL! That’s right, this is NOT a fiction book.

“The Dog” is a Password Organizer Log intentionally created to look like a regular book to help conceal and protect the information you put in it. This way, anyone who sees the book will have no idea that it contains your valuable password and account information.

We know you love dogs and we do too, so “The Dog” book cover was designed to reflect the connection we have to these loyal and lovable animals.

“The Dog” logbook is also very practical as it solves the problem of forgetting or losing your passwords.

Now you can keep all your important password information together in one place in a convenient, easy-to-use format for quick access. Measuring 8” x 5”, it contains 200 alphabetized entries with ample space for listing all your internet sites and accounts, usernames, password hints, PINs, security questions and additional notes.

Keep your valuable information well-organized and under wraps in “The Dog”, the one-of-a-kind Password Book. Because, as we see it, the very best hiding place is in plain view.

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