Pet Tunes Calming Canine Bluetooth Speaker and Music

Pet Tunes by Pet Acoustics is a bluetooth player with music specifically orchestrated by Janet Marlow for its calming and balancing effect on dogs.

Pet Tunes comes pre-loaded with canine specific music meant to bring general well-being and balance daily. The device battery charge lasts between 5 to 10 hours but you can connect to the USB adaptor to recharge and/or play continuously while connected. Like any other Bluetooth speaker, humans can even use Pet Tunes to play their audio when the device is not in use for their dog. et Tunes comes in various versions: cats, dogs, horses, birds and even a formulation for kids and pets. Kid Tunes by Pet Acoustics is created to calm pets and kids at the same time. Below is a video demonstrating the Pet Tunes product.



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